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Beautiful Alessia Cara

I love many genres of music, but it’s the songwriting that matters to me much more than the music. Songwriting is poetry- heartfelt and introspective. I love strong lyrics, none of the I-will-curl-up-and-die breakup songs. I learned about Alessia from someone I follow on WordPress. Being a Cheshire cat, I looked her up and became an instant fan. This is her, recently on the VMAs

Scars To Your Beautiful

Transgenger Vet Voice

I am on your side and I embrace your heart.

Transgender Voice

Dear White People,

I understand how much you are called to move this country forward with social justice actions and community involvement.  You uniquely probe into other races/cultures that are perceived as having less opportunity or less empathy and are able to superficially see the justification in your acts of altruism (to fight the just fight).  I’ll raise a hand to pat you on the back for that; thank you.  For sure, you have the energy and are willing to learn.  I have never felt more alone.  I looked to you, the social liberals, the progressives, the peacekeepers, the media, and the outspoken activists for change.  After each conversation with you I was more alone.  I do not fit into your box of progressive social movement diversity.  I am white.  I am transgender.  I am a veteran.  I am nothing special.  I’m an american.  I turned to my church, but…

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Mr. Trump Watches the Eclipse

From my hilarious friend Kim.

By Hook Or By Book

Donald Trump

Astronomers, doctors, and journalists: Don’t look at the sun during an eclipse without protective glasses!


Mr. Trump: Fake news from the fake media and China, who’s behind the hoax of so-called climate change! There are many sides, many sides, to watching an eclipse and I know the right ones because I examined the facts unlike you people!


The sad thing is, is that this may be the only predictable thing Mr. Trump has done during his presidency.


On the plus side, if he goes blind, maybe he’ll stop tweeting!


At the very least, it might just be safer for us all to let him go back to playing with big trucks!

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Before Evil by Alex Kava

From the author’s note:

“I never intended to write a series. I know that may seem difficult to believe, especially now after twelve books featuring FBI Special Agent Maggie O’Dell—fifteen, if you consider the Ryder Creed series which includes Maggie. Many of you have heard me talk about this before. When I wrote my debut novel, A Perfect Evil, I intended for it be a standalone novel. To be honest, I didn’t even read series novels back in those days. A Perfect Evil became an international bestseller, and suddenly, my publisher at the time, insisted I write a followup novel. If that’s what readers wanted, then of course, that’s what I’d write.”

If you haven’t yet started the O’Dell series, this is the launching pad as it’s the prequel to A Perfect Evil. If you have started reading the series, then you’re going to enjoy this book. Many of our questions are answered, about the serial killer Albert Stucky, Dr. Gwen Patterson, Maggie, etc.

The story has FBI agent and profiler Maggie O’Dell out in the field for the first time. She is up against serial killer Albert Stucky, and in a fascinating, compelling, action packed story, we learn more about our heroines idiosyncrasies and her strength. Maggie is an intelligent, driven woman and I very much enjoyed this well written suspense filled tale sure to be on the best seller’s lists.

I loved the ending, but my only gripe is that the ending wasn’t more elaborate. Too many of the “well, how did that happen?” And “what now?” sort of questions.

Thanks Alex for giving us the prequel to a wonderful series. I look forward to many more.

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