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By Hook Or By Book


‘Why did you do this all for me?’ he asked. ‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’

‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte. ‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.’

E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web

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Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna

​Wow! I hadn’t heard of this author before, I believe she’s mostly written YA books. And for a debut thriller novel, this is outstanding!

The story is about two young sisters who going missing from a mall parking lot in Denville, NJ. The family hires bad ass bounty hunter Alice Vega, who enlists the help of local former cop Max Caplan. Together they stay 3 steps ahead of the already overworked police force.
All characters were well developed, the story was engrossing and a very well written who-done-it.  I could easily see (and hope for) a series with Vega.  
I very much enjoyed and recommend reading as soon as it comes out January 9, 2018.
Thanks to NetGalley, Doubleday and Louisa Luna for ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Nuns To The Rescue (Saving Obamacare)

Loves it

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of nuns supporting obamacare

The input by the American Nuns designed to stop the republican President Donald Trump with the US  republican congressional representatives from passing any of their healthcare plans that would fave resulted in millions being kicked off of Obamacare, was truly an act of compassion.

Here is the rest of the story…

On July 30, 2017, E, J. Dionne of the Washington Post penned the following opinion piece/ story, “The 7,150 nuns who fought against Trumpcare.”


“The votes from Republican Sens. Susan Collins, John McCain and Lisa Murkowski to stop their party’s repeal-Obamacare juggernaut were demonstrations of genuine courage.”

“The appearance of this virtue in a dark time is not necessarily miraculous, but I couldn’t help noticing the striking intervention in this debate by 7,150 American nuns who called the Senate GOP’s core proposal “the most harmful legislation for American families in our lifetimes.”

Related image“In a letter organized by the…

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You are not going crazy: Your physical health after sexual trauma 

Amazing and fantastic blog


One place where I see my passions and specialisms intersect is the issue of women being diagnosed and labelled with psychiatric issues after experiencing sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by males.

Millions of women and girls who have experienced sexual trauma will also experience a wide range of trauma responses. Whilst these trauma responses should be seen as rational, normal and reasonable; they are often medicalised or misunderstood – not only by professionals but by the women and girls themselves.

This blog is for any woman or girl who has unresolved health issues, symptoms they don’t understand, illnesses with no physical basis and a feeling of going around in circles with health professionals and even some mental health professionals whilst attempting to find the answer to their problems.

This blog will also be useful to those professionals who work with women and girls all over the world – either in…

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TAG I’m A Rock Star

my sweet funny friend Jay of James Cudney fame tagged me. If you don’t know him, you should check him out. Follow him, he loves it. I call him Superman because he’s rescued me often.



What is the name of your band, or if you are a solo artist, your stage name (example: Lady Ga Ga, Snoop Dog, Puddles the Clown, etc…)?


  • Eileen Dover? Lady Wowow? 


What genre or style of music are you known for?

  • Nothing. Very eclectic. Today I’ve listened to Merle Haggard, Stevie Nicks, Barry White, Bach and Queen Latifah


What instrument do you play or are you the lead singer?

  • A pen. I’d be the lyricist. I make up lyrics all the time. I have one I sing to my dog every day. To the tune of (Feelin’ Groovy) 59th Street Bridge by Simon and Garfunkel.: “Slow down, you chew too fast. Ya gotta make your breakfast last. Just take a bite and look around. Doo doo doo doo eat more slowly. “

If you could be the opening act for any band currently touring who would it be?

  • Lita Ford

Who would you name as your musical inspiration? This person can be currently breathing, or not

  • Melissa Etheridge, great songwriting

What special item do you ask for in your dressing room on a tour contract rider?

  • Jamesons Irish Whiskey


What item from home do you pack in your suitcase to take on tour?

  • Tablet. And I’ll follow Jay’s lead and add chocolate. 



What does your stage attire look like?

  • Ripped jeans and t shirts. 

What backstage nickname have the roadies given you based on your personality?

  • Weirdo


Every successful rockstar has a special charity. What’s yours?

  • WWF, really anything about saving animals from poachers


What is the title of your memoir going to be?

  • Oh no she didn’t!



I have nominated Naty @natysbookshelf






The Bravest You by Adam Kirk Smith

The Bravest You

The Bravest You introduces Smith’s unique five-step bravery process that helps us fight the ten biggest fears we all face and attain the success we desire. I was expecting something to be an eye opener, but a lot of the books is what is written in most self help books. There’s a lot of repetition and quotes and examples of famous people. Frankly, I don’t care about famous people. Talk to me about the so-called “average” girl next door and how she overcame agoraphobia. This wasn’t a compelling book and it took me awhile to read it because I kept putting it down for something more interesting.

Thanks to the Penguin Group for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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