25 Books About Women In War


After reading The Right Side, by Spencer Quinn, recently reviewed here, I thought I found a new subgenre to explore. What I found though, was a very lacking list. Where are the books, fiction or non, about servicewomen? And please, for all that’s holy, do not recommend a romance story to me. That’s just not my bag (showing my age with that, I know). I did, however, find this list of books to try. If anyone has anymore recommendations, please holla here.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You are so correct in that women are not often given credit for their service. Each March when I taught Women’s History(before I retired) I had the students interview various women in the community. I was surprised to discover how many women fought, flew planes, were in service during WWII. Even the little old lady who volunteered three times a week in our school clinic, who the students lovingly called Grandma, was interviewed and my class learned she was actually a nurse in the Army during WWII. So many of these unsung women, who bravely left their safe homes and traveled to war torn areas of Europe, were expected to go back home and forget all that they did. So…They raised families and their past was erased and literally disappeared. You reminded me how important it is for history to recognize the accomplishments of all the women who gave of themselves in the service of their country.

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    1. True! Apparently women have been fighting alongside men since wars began. Sometimes disguised as men, sometimes as the strong women they were i.e. Amazons or in Shaka Zulu’s all women army. But like in Hidden Figures, often not thought about when we speak of wars. Thanks for your comment!

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      1. Yes very true. I have several books that were published in the style of coloring books that I bought for my classroom. It shows women of all races who fought during the Civil war. Many who did indeed dress as men and also those who were hired as spies. This happened on both sides (North AND South). There is documentation and a few photos of some of these women. I added this to my collection in class because during women’s history month we really explored the unsung (Sheroes) women who didn’t get recognition for their efforts. There were even female pirates! They fought their own kind of war. Is isn’t surprising that men who owned the publishing houses didn’t put these women in the history books . Perhaps they worried that that the ladies would over shadow the men. In fact there was a 16 year girl who road farther than Paul Revere shouting that the British were coming. It isn’t until recently that her story is being told.


  2. Pretty much all the books on your list sound interesting. Here’s one I liked a lot … it’s “Home Before Morning – the story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam” – by Lynda Van Devanter.

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      1. You’re welcome. I do like finding new things to read about, so I’ll be making a list of your list! I am on Goodreads, but hardly ever remember to update it. 🙂

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