Unbridled by Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

I began reading poetry back when I was about 8.  I had a certain type I liked – “free verse” they called it.  It didn’t rhyme, it didn’t have meters and cadences.  What I considered poetry was the flowing words that would capture, break, open, touch (any or all) of your heart.  Grasping your soul in tight clenches so that your breath can’t even escape, for someone else has felt this same way that you have and put it together in a rhythm that no dance could ever accompany it.  The first book of poetry I had, my mom gave to me on a birthday.  I still have it.  I started writing poetry at the age of 10 and at the age of 12 had won contests and had a public showing of my written words on display at a local mall.  I’m telling of this, because, well, I’m critical of other poets.  And it takes a LOT of talent to catch my attention.  I’m a curmudgeon.

That being said, Jacqueline was looking for support for recently published book of poetry.  I told her I would be happy to review it and it would be an honest review.

The synopis: Unbridled is written for souls hurting, for healing and becoming. It is served to be well-thumbed and mulled over. Written in free verse each poignant poetry vibrates with a life of its own. Bold and uncensored verses that talk about societal issues of rape, domestic violence, sadness, infidelity, racial discrimination, sex, depression, loss, pain, femininity, grief, suicide, womanhood, relationships, love, resilience, courage, anger, mental health, pedophilia, child abuse, break up, conflict, loneliness, aging, life, lust, optimism, Poverty, Race, Death, Justice, Beauty, Endurance, Faith, Dreams and Empowerment. The author’s words epitomize the poetic impulse to capture concentrated images from experience and observing life’s moments; impassioned, ecstatic, sad, fiery, sensual; they are naked intimate expressions saying as much as they can say in few words.

First, I do want to say that some of the poems may be triggering for those recovering from abuse.

Second, I want to say, this is beautiful poetry.

The free verse is strong, descriptive, haunting, lovely.  Jacqueline paints with her words. like an artist.  This is no Monet, this is a Helen Frankenthaler with her bold marks and colors.  There is a section which is written in relation to abuse and some of it is very dark.   Darkness is gut wrenching at times, but the light of hope that shines through is blinding. My heart agonizes for the girl who has lived through excruciating torment.  But the woman she has become?  She is an Amazon; a warrior of her own heart.

I am very moved by Jacqueline’s words.  I already have my favorites and it’s amazing how Jacqueline reaches in and I feel warmth.  The last 20 poems are exquisite and delightful.

I give this book a high recommendation, for yourself, for a friend… maybe for an Amazon you know.

Thank you Jacqueline.  You are amazing.

And my friends, please reblog this to everyone you know.  Jacqueline’s story needs to be read.



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