P&G Tackle race issues in commercial

Some are calling it controversial.  I call it necessary.

P&G Commercial



21 thoughts on “P&G Tackle race issues in commercial

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    1. Thanks Liz. Thanks for passing on the message. I can’t stand racism, it breaks my heart, pisses me off and needs to stop. History needs to change but when people who are in power are racist, bigoted, narcissistic misogynists…

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      1. Awww thank you, Big Bear hug Back. I don’t Know…too many people willing to tell whomever needs it to read between the lines whilst holding up 3 fingers. Whole new march on Washington…

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      2. I know….your heart is warming and yours is not alone. I truly believe humanity is safe….just because of people like you who can feel pain even if it isn’t your own. Stay Blessed my friend.

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  1. I can’t believe that in 2017 something like this is necessary Cass. I just watched the video on YouTube and immediately after, clicked on a white police officer passionately arguing that the last scene paints all cops with the same brush. I understand in a way what he’s saying, but I think he and many others who are against the video are missing the point. There’s a reason why black families still feel discriminated against. It’s because much of what happened in the past is still here in the present. They are marginalized and treated differently, and while I firmly believe that the majority of police are decent people who only want to protect and serve, there are many who abuse their power and go after the vulnerable. You would think after having our first black president serve for two terms, and having two black AGs, we’d at least see a little bit of positive change. Instead, we have a president and AG who are obviously racist, and are doing their best to erode the equal rights we do have In place. Argh! I apologize for the rant. Thank you for posting this because I hadn’t heard about it.

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